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Complimentary Cyber Threat Assessment

Cyber crime is an unfortunate reality in our modern world, and these threats can mean serious damage for both large corporations and small businesses who have information to protect. This complimentary assessment will provide a tangible report as to what threats your organization faces currently, and our expertise will help you protect against them. VWC provides this assessment at no cost to your organization.  Being proactive and safe is a much better situation than having your customers or patients inform you that their information is in the hands of a cyber criminal.

Benefits and How It Works

VWC proudly partners with Security experts to provide this assessment.  Without disrupting your existing network, we will monitor your internal traffic for up to one week. When the collection period ends, we will generate a report detailing all of the threats bypassing your existing security controls.


Learn more about the application vulnerabilities attacking your network, which malware or botnets were detected, and even pinpoint at risk devices.


Discover how cloud-based IaaS/SaaS, peer to peer, gaming, and other application subcategories are being utilized.


Find out more about your throughput and bandwidth requirements during peak hours.

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