Application Security (Dev Sec Ops)

So what is Application Security?   

Application Security is the practice of securing a custom built application.  If your organization is doing any development, especially web development, this security discipline is critical.  It consists of Static Code Analysis, Dynamic Code Analysis, and Composition Analysis in addition to possibly Container Security, Web Application Firewall and Application Penetration Testing. 


Why do I need this?


Developers are not Security professionals, nor do they develop applications with security in mind.  Developers are often highly creative, and come up with exceptionally helpful applications to address a need.  While the creativity is needed, if not reviewed, it can introduce significant risk to an organization.  If an application is not secured, it may be able to be used for all of the wrong purposes.  An example of this is a bad guy giving database commands through a web browser to the database, and allowing the entire database to be read (aka, all of your customer data).  It’s called SQL injection.  If not checked for these types of vulnerabilities, your excellent applications may be a portal to some of your most important data, and put your business in serious jeopardy if a data breach is experienced. 


So what should I be doing? 


Application Security talent (like most Security talent) is in exceptionally high demand right now.  Thankfully, you have a trusted partner at VWC that retains some of the best Application Security/DevSecOps talent in Midwest.  Let us partner with you to review your existing applications, and your application development pipeline and practices.  We will help to ensure your developers need to only focus on delivering high quality applications for the business, why we at VWC will help you minimize the risk to your organization, reputation and customers.