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Application Security (Dev Sec Ops)

What is Application Security?   

Application Security is the practice of placing controls around a custom-built application(s). If your organization is doing any development, especially web based, this security discipline is a must have.  


Why do I need this?

Although developers are highly skilled professionals, they typically develop applications without security in mind. If an application is not properly secured, it can introduce significant risk to an organization. Such risks like these can lead to data breaches, which damages your brand and confidence with your customers.


How Can I Fix This?


Application Security talent is in exceptionally high demand right now. Thankfully, you have a trusted partner at Vonwel Consulting that retains some of the best Application Security/DevSecOps talent at our fingertips.

Let’s partner to review your existing application(s), and help you minimize the risk to your organization, brand and customers. 

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