Why Choose Vonwel Consulting?


Vonwel Consulting has the experience and knowledge that is sought after by Fortune 500 and other industry titans through decades of IT Security experience.  Our work experience ranges from Healthcare, DoD, and some of the largest and most successful private and publically traded companies.  We've protected organizations with over 150,000 employees and some of the most sensitive personal data imaginable.

A True Partnership

Our business model is partnership and knowledge.  We work hand in hand to let you know what your current security posture is and how to improve it.  What you do with that knowledge is fully within your control.

Treating you how we would want to be treated

Containing costs is paramount in running your business.  We believe in both simplicity, and frugality.  There are many reasonably priced solutions that offer significant security enhancements.  We do not believe that every business needs the most expensive solution.  Yes that typically goes against capitalism, but hey, we have a soft spot for being reasonable.

Your people...

If you have existing IT staff or providers, we are happy to work with them to help them implement the right controls for your organization, and we will provide regular audits to ensure compliance.

...or ours

If you need an IT provider, or certain infrastructure services, we are happy to provide you a full service portfolio including:  Networking, Server, Desktop, Cloud, Mobile and of course IT Security services fully managed by our highly experienced staff.  We are happy to tailor any solution to meet your needs.  The benefit of having seen it all, is that we know how to handle nearly anything you can throw at us.