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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


Healthcare is one of our primary experiences.  HIPAA is nearly our middle name.  Having supported three of the largest not for profit healthcare provides in North America, one of which that has over 100 hospitals, we know a thing or two about securing healthcare.  Your practice of a single office, or a network of providers, we can help secure your PHI to ensure you, your clinicians, and your patients can have confidence that their work, their health and their privacy are well protected.


Are you in a government agency that needs resources to secure your project?  We have done that as well!  We can handle anything from a small few month project or provide resources for a multi year effort.  We are familiar with navigating the DoD to accomplish whatever the task is in front of you.


The founder of Vonwel Consulting is a part time adjunct instructor at a University.  The founder's wife is a full time public school teacher.  We love education.  We also know how tight budgets are for schools, and how much students rely on technology.  Most education systems do not have the resources available to properly review and diagnose their technology.  When budgets are tight and resources are few misconfigurations of databases occur, and that is how bad guys love to get all of your student records.  Let us help provide a risk assessment and vulnerability scan to help close up the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and keep your students data safe.

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